About Us

Membership of the Coalition

Any organization interested in collaborating with or contributing to the Prescott-Russell Coalition to Eliminate Violence Towards Women of Prescott-Russell can become a member. 
Each member must adhere to the mission, vision, mandate, values and beliefs of the Coalition by signing a pledge form.
In accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Children and Community and Social Services, the Coalition will be able to draw its members from the following sectors: 


  • The violence against women sector (i.e. organizations that provide services to abused women and their children, whether the abuse is physical, psychological, sexual, financial; shelter services, counselling, etc.).
  • The justice sector (i.e., police and victim services, Crown prosecutors, judges);

    One or more other representatives from the following sectors:
  • Health Sector
  • Housing sector
  • First Nations, Inuit and Métis Services
  • Child Welfare Sector
  • Settlement / Immigration Services
  • Other social service networks